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In recent years, medical research has become a major issue for healthcare institutions. It is a virtuous circle: high-level research allows you to attract the best doctors, these best doctors publish in the most prestigious journals, those publications improve your notoriety, and you attract the best doctors. This also contributes to improving the financing of salaries and equipment at your hospital. And this allows you to have a better hospital, with better care for your patients. Publishing a lot and at a high level helps fund research, which also translates into better care for patients through more and better doctors, facilities, and equipment. Therefore, helping your interns and doctors to publish is of paramount importance to your institution.

A statistical analysis tool to facilitate clinical research

Doctors love research, they want to do it. But research is not urgent, it always comes after. Let's say that a doctor is in surgery, he's supposed to finish at 4pm and do some research afterwards. The operation is more complicated than expected: he stays until 7pm ... He will do his research another day. Whereas we have never seen a doctor say "No, I won't go down to the operating room right away. I'm going to finish my research first ..."

It is therefore essential that your hospital plays a facilitating role for your busy doctors whose time is limited.

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R++ saves time

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Custom designed

R++ is a statistical analysis software custom designed by and for doctors. It focuses only on the tools used in medical analyses, the tools that your doctors need.

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Simple interface

Its interface is intuitive and easy to use. All the proposed tools and functions are at your fingertips within just 2 or 3 clicks.

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R++ has been designed to simplify and speed up your publication. Results, graphs, and tables can be exported directly to the Office suite and the generated tables respect the formats of the main journals.

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R++ and statistics become... Fun!

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This is surprising and yet many customer testimonials report that R++ can make statistical analysis fun! While this may seem anecdotal, it is in fact important. Interns who were not particularly attracted by research began to use R++. When they have at their disposal an easy-to-access, fast, intuitive tool, a tool that can make statistical analysis fun, then a doctor will take the time to look for answers to questions, and then publish.

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With R++, is my data secure?
If I choose to migrate to R++, will I have to fund training?
Why choose R++?
Some customer testimonials say that R++ is fun. This is serious?

They use R++

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The thing we appreciate most about R++ analysis software is having a team that is very attentive to our requests.

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Maximilliano Gelli
Visceral and digestive surgeon
Institut Gustave Roussy - villejuif
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In terms of ergonomics, R++ is really a perfectly well thought out software. It is the statistical software that has the best designed ergonomics.

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Bruno Falissard
Biostatistician - Director of the CESP
Paul Brousse hospital - villejuif
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It's easy to use and fun. It saves you a lot of time. Do not hesitate!

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Aurélien Hostalrich
Vascular Surgeon
CHU Rangueil - toulouse

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