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The ergonomic software

R++, the statistical software for medical research

R++ is an ergonomic statistical data analysis software that is custom designed by and for doctors.  Particularly simple to handle, its objective is to allow doctors and interns to efficiently make and publish their own statistical analyses.

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R++, the software for the medical community

Our statistical analysis software has been designed by and for doctors, specifically to help in their clinical research, whether an independent physician or working in an institution.

You are a doctor

You are in surgery or the clinic often with little free time. Then in the free time you do have left, you do research. You are already an expert in medicine, but do not have time to become a statistician. You do not have hours to waste chasing data outliers because questionnaires are poorly filled out, or to open a statistics text book or program manual to find the right command line. What you do need is a statistical test, a Roc curve or a Cox model, quickly, without having to become a programmer.

You are a University Hospital Center

You want to develop research, both for the reputation of your structure and the funding. Unfortunately, many services are understaffed and doctors are overwhelmed, severely limiting the time to devote to research. At the same time, it is increasingly difficult and expensive to recruit biostatisticians, research support services are undersized and may be slow or unable to process all statistical studies. These challenges make funding and completion of studies more difficult.

How can R++ help meet these challenges?

Produce an article quickly in autonomy

The R++ interface was designed by researchers in Human-Computer Interface science (the science that makes our iPhones and smartphones so easy to use!) and in collaboration with doctors so that it responds very specifically to those specific problems of medical research. The result is a simplified, intuitive interface that offers all the tools doctors need, usually in just a few clicks. Because the process is intuitive and well thought out, learning proccess takes about 1 hour.

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The advantages of the R++ statistical software

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Intuitive, easy to use
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Export results by dragging and dropping
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Compatible with MS Office
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Accepted by scientific journals
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Great time saving
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Easy to learn

Features of R++

Data cleansing icon

Data cleansing

Database cleaning is an important and often overlooked task that is made simpler in R++ statistical analysis software. R++ offers you a set of tools to quickly clean your data. For example, the "one-click graph" option displays a global view of your entire database so that any outlier becomes easily apparent. Then, one click to sort the column … and your outliers move up to be corrected.

Statistical tests icon

Statistical tests

Correlation, Khi2, Student's t test, rank tests ... You know a lot of statistical tests. But knowing which one to use in which situation is not always easy. With R++, AI automatically selects the right test for your variables.

Modeling icon

ROC, Log-Rank, Cox … in 2 clicks !

A ROC curve is not that complicated: you need a Sick / Non-Sick variable, and a predictive variable. With R++, one click to choose the first, one click to choose the second and you get your ROC curves with all the indices and associated confidence intervals. The same goes for survival, the Cox model, logistic regression, and linear regression.

Graph editor icon

Graph editor

There is no arguing about matters of tastes (and those of the reviewers even less!). R++ produces graphs, but then allows you to choose your desired font, color and even type of graph… all modifiable in just a few clicks. A reviewer asks you to remove the "alpha channel" or change the dpi? Easy! In R++, it's a simple box to uncheck ...

Table 1 editor icon

Table 1 Editor

Journals may ask that the first table of your article be a comparison. On one side, you need information about the intervention group, on the other side the control group. For example, in your group A there are 41% men and the average age is 62.7; in your group B there are 39% men and the average age is 63.2. In R++ the calculous is straightforward as R++ includes a Table 1 editor. One click on the group variable, then one click per variable to compare, and your table 1 is built. Then, simply drag & drop, and it's in your article.

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R++ user reviews

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The thing we appreciate most about R++ analysis software is having a team that is very attentive to our requests.

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Maximilliano Gelli
Visceral and digestive surgeon
Institut Gustave Roussy - Villejuif
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I am bad at stats, I hate stats. R++, it (almost) made me love stats.

citation ends icon
Sonia Outh
Intern in general medicine
Chu PURPAN - toulouse
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It's easy to use and fun. It saves you a lot of time. Do not hesitate!

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Aurélien Hostalrich
Vascular Surgeon
CHU Rangueil - toulouse

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